July 14, 2010


09:00   Plenary Lecture

             Lecture room Claude Monet

             PL-6:   Tracy Bale (Philadelphia, USA)

Sex-specific epigenetic programming of stress pathways: Are we wired before birth

                 Chair: John A. Russel


10:00   Coffee break


10:30   4 Symposia



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12:30   Lunch and SNE-Serviers Prizes


13:30   SNE-Servier Prizes

             Lecture room Claude Monet

SNE-S-1:   Andrews ZB (Clayton, Australia)

New insights into the regulation of food intake by ghrelin

SNE-S-2:   Coupé B (Nantes, France), Amarger V (Nantes, France), Grit I (Nantes, France), Benami A (Dijon, France) and Partnet P (Nantes, France)

Catch-up growth after low birth weight benefits hypothalamic organization but leads to early leptin resistance and fat diet preference at adulthood

SNE-S-3:   Raskin K, Marie-Luce C, Picot M and Mhaouty-Kodja S (Paris, France)

Conditional inactivation of the androgen receptor in the central nervous system: Effects on male neuroendocrine and behavioral responses

                 SNE-S-4:   Stengel A, Goebel M, Coskun T, Wang L, Rivier J and Taché Y (Los Angeles, USA)

Central injection of ODT8-SST increases food intake: Role of neuropeptide Y and opioid signaling pathways in rats

                 Chair: Jean-Louis Nahon and Paul Pevet


14:45   Claude Kordon Lecture

                Sponsored by Fondation IPSEN

             Lecture room Claude Monet

             PL-7:   Alain Enjalbert (Marseille, France)

Physiopathology of somatolactotroph cells: From transduction mechanismes to gene therapy

                 Chair: Andrée Tixier-Vidal and Hiroshi Yamashita


15:45   Coffee break and poster session


The poster size is: height, 120 cm ; width, 80 cm (portrait mode). Fixation: double-side tape.

Abstracts that are eligible for the Poster Prize selection are marked with an asterisk *­

Neuroendocrinology of Reproduction

P2-1: Leite CM, Kalil B, Levine JE and Anselmo-Franci JA: Effects of estradiol and progesterone on the gonadotrophin-releasing hormone (GnRH) content in the preoptic area (POA) and medial basal hypothalamus (MBH)

P2-2: Li XF, Lin YS, Kinsey-Jones JS, Lightman SL and O'Byrne KT: The role of the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis in stress-induced suppression of pulsatile LH secretion in the female rat

P2-3: Lin YS, Li XF, Kinsey-Jones JS, Celik S, Erok B, Lightman SL and O'Byrne KT: The role of the medial amygdala in stress-induced suppression of pulsatile luteinizing hormone secretion in female rats

P2-4: Liu X, Petersen SL and Herbison AE: Regulation of GnRH (gonadotropin-releasing hormone) neuron excitability by AVPV (anteroventral periventricular nucleus) inputs

P2-5: Magadalenal NN and Inbaraj RM: Androgen receptor gene expression in the ovary, testis and brain during gonadal development in Labeo rohita

P2-6: Marie-Luce C, Raskin K and Mhaouty-Kodja S: Studying the role of androgen receptor in the defeminization process of male sexual behavior: A conditional mutagenesis approach 

P2-7: Martini M, Pradotto M, Viglietti-Panzica C and Panzica GC: Neuronal nitric oxide synthase expression is depending by estradiol and progesterone in ovariectomized mice

P2-8: McEwen HJL, Quennell JA, Grattan DR and Anderson GM: Suppressor of cytokine signalling-3 (SOCS-3) is partially responsible for high fat diet-induced infertility

P2-9: Mennigen JA, Lado WE, Zamora JM, Chang JP, Moon TW and Trudeau VL: Waterborne fluoxetine disrupts male reproductive function in the goldfish, carassius auratus

*P2-10: Merkley CM, Coolen LM, Goodman RL and Lehman MN: Colocalization of glutamate within kisspeptin cells and their projections onto GnRH neurons in the ewe

P2-11: Misztal T, Dobek E, Tomaszewska-Zaremba D, Gorski K, Skipor J and Romanowicz K: The relationship between opioid peptides and salsolinol in the control of prolactin secretion in sheep during lactation

P2-12: Mohammadi F, Kochenian P, Hosseynzadeh_sahafi H, Morovati H and Mahghani Y: Analyses of sex hormones and histomorphology of gonads of silver pomfret (Pampus argenteus) during the breeding season

P2-13: Morales T, Mendoza-Rodríguez C, Rodríguez-Álvarez J, Rodriguez-Dorantes M, Rangel-Escareño C, Uribe-Figueroa LI, Acosta J and Cerbón M: Prolactin expression during excitotoxicity in the hippocampus: A novel function of prolactin in the brain

P2-14: Mori H, Matsuda KI, Pfaff DW and Kawata M: A novel hypothalamic nucleus: Sagittalis nucleus exhibits sexual dimorphism and hormonal responsiveness

P2-15: Moussavi M, Wlasichuk M, Chahal G, Pang FY, Chang JP and Habibi HR: Gonadotropin inhibitory hormone regulation of gonadotropin production in goldfish

P2-16: Mubeen H, Irfan S, Wahab F, Niaz A and Shahab M: Immunocytochemical detection of GPR54 receptor in the adult male rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta) pituitary gland

P2-17: Murata K, Wakabayashi Y, Sakamoto K, Homma T, Tanaka T, Takeuchi Y, Mori Y and Okamura H: Analysis of the male pheromone action on kisspeptin neurons in the arcuate nucleus in goats

P2-18: Navarro VM, Jiménez M, Gottsch ML, Levine JE, Clifton DK and Steiner RA: Regulation of Dynorphin gene expression by testosterone in the arcuate nucleus of the male mouse through nonclassical estrogen receptor alpha-dependent pathways

P2-19: Ogata A, Sugitani M, Mori T and Yamanouchi K: Effects of single injection of phytoestrogens or estrogen receptor a and ß agonists on uteri in ovariectomized rats

P2-20: Ogawa S, Kitahashi T, Ng KW and Parhar IS: Autocrine regulation of kiss1 in the habenula of the zebrafish

P2-21: Orikasa C and Sakuma Y: Sexual dimorphism in the preoptic area of C57BL/6J and ddN strains of mice

P2-22: Pasquier J, Lafont AG, Rousseau K and Dufour S: Existence and direct pituitary effect of kisspeptin/GPR54 in European eel, Anguilla anguilla

P2-23: Picot M, Marie-Luce C, Naulé L and Mhaouty-Kodja S: Effects of low dose exposition to Bisphenol A on the gonadotrope axis and sexual behavior in male mice

P2-24: Pineda R, Ruiz-Pino F, Garcia-Galiano D, Sanchez-Garrido MA, Romero M, Castellano JM, Aguilar E, Navarro VM, Pinilla L and Tena-Sempere M: Modulation of gonadotropin responses to kisspeptin by aminoacidergic and neuropeptidergic neurotransmission at male puberty

P2-25: Poletini MO and Petersen SL: Vasointestinal polypeptide and vasopressin regulation of GABA/Glutamate neurons in vitro

P2-26: Popovics P, Rekasi Z and Kovacs M: Effects of local and endocrine factors on the mRNA expression of inhibin/activin subunits and follistatin in perifused pituitary cells

P2-27: Quennell JH, Augustine RA and Anderson GM: Regulation of gene expression and intracellular signalling in hypothalamic kisspeptin neurons in response to leptin

P2-28: Richard N, Coudray N, Corvaisier S, Lemaire M and Kottler ML: Receptor function of three naturally occurring variations in the human KiSS1 receptor

P2-29: Roa J, Constantin S and Herbison AE: Role of mammalian Target of Rapamycin (mTOR) in the control of GnRH neuron activity in the mouse

P2-30: Romanò N, Guillou A, Tronche F, Mollard P and Martin AO: Neuroendocrine dopaminergic neurons and hormone-induced neuronal plasticity: Preparing the brain for motherhood

P2-31: Roselli C and Stormshak F: Evidence that sexual partner preference in the ram is programmed prenatally by androgen

P2-32: Roze C, Leprince J, Huijbregts L, Houang M, Guilhaudis L, Le Bouc Y, Vaudry H, Carel JC, Léger J and De Roux N: KiSS1 is highly polymorphic and associates to idiopathic central precocious puberty in Caucasian

P2-33: Sakamoto H, Matsuda KI, Zuloaga DG, Hongu H, Wada E, Wada K, Jordan CL, Breedlove SM and Kawata M: The gastrin-releasing peptide system in the lumbar spinal cord is sexually dimorphic and controls male reproductive functions in rats

P2-34: Sawai N, Iijima N, Matsumoto K and Ozawa H: A novel input of kisspeptin fibers to dopaminergic neurons in the arcuate nucleus of female rat

P2-35: Sébert ME, Herwig A, Laran-Chich MP, Barrett P and Simonneaux V: Effects of a central T3 implantation on the gonadotropic axis in Syrian hamster

P2-36: Servili A, Le Page Y, Vosges M, Caraty A, Leprince J, Vaudry H and Kah O: Characterization of the Kiss/KissR systems in a teleost fish. Potential interactions with the GnRH systems and leptin receptors in the brain of zebrafish

P2-37: Sharif A, Duhem-Tonnelle V, Allet C, Baroncini M, Loyens A, Collier F, Blond S, Ojeda SR, Junier MP and Prévot V: Characterization of the erbB signaling system in human hypothalamic astrocytes

P2-38: Shoda Y, Ishii H, Kobayashi M, Yomogida K, Hamada T and Sakuma Y: Alternative promoter usage and alternative splicing of the mouse estrogen receptor a genes generate numerous mRNA variants

P2-39: Skipor J, Mlynarczuk J, Grochowalski A, Dufourny L and Thiery JC: Effect of exposure to di-ortho substituted PCB153 on thyroid hormones in the cerebrospinal fluid in ewes

*P2-40: Smith JT, Shahab M, Millar R and Clarke IJ: Kisspeptin antagonist reveals an important role for kisspeptin in the generation of the estrogen-induced GnRH/LH surge in the ewe

P2-41: Soga T, Wong DW, Putteeraj M, Song KP and Parhar IS: Inhibition of 5-HT transport during early development reduces expression of androgen receptor in the GnRH neurons and sexual behavior of male mice

P2-42: Staffend NA and Meisel RL: Estrogen regulation of dendritic spines: A diolitic approach

P2-43: Tan C and Jasoni C: Sonic Hedgehog stimulates the growth of axons from Gonadotropin-releasing Hormone neurons

P2-44: Tariq A, Pereira A, Smith JT, Loveland K, O'Brien M, Shahab M and Clarke IJ: Kisspeptin and gonadotropin inhibitory hormone (GnIH) in the testis of the non-human primate, Macaca Mulatta

P2-45: Thomas P and Rahman S: Hypoxia disrupts reproductive neuroendocrine function in a marine fish through downregulation of hypothalamic aromatase and tryptophan hydroxylase activities

P2-46: Tobin V, Jasim S, Ludwig M, Leng G, Russell JA and Douglas AJ: The effects of the placental leucine aminopeptidase (PLAP) on central oxytocin actions during lactation

P2-47: Tsukahara S, Tsuda M, Kato Y, Kuroda Y, Nakata M, Xiao K, Nagata K, Nakanishi T, Toda K and Ogawa S: Elimination of the morphological sex difference in the BNSTp of mice lacking the aromatase, estrogen receptor a (ERa), or ERß gene

P2-48: Van Vugt D, Frank T and Krzemien A: Influence of menstrual cycle phase on the corticolimbic brain response to visual food cues

*P2-49: Wahab F, Ullah F, Irfan S, Chan YM, Seminara SB and Shahab M: Decrease in hypothalamic Kiss1r expression: A potential mechanism for fasting-induced suppression of the HPG axis in the adult male rhesus monkey

P2-50: Wakabayashi Y, Sakamoto K, Murata K, Homma T, Ohkura S, Takeuchi Y, Mori Y and Okamura H: A possible role of neurokinin B in the stimulatory action of the male pheromone on the GnRH pulse generator

P2-51: Yamamuro B, Shimizu H and Yamanouchi K: Effects of septal cuts on intermale aggressive behavior in castrated or non-castrated males

*P2-52: Yeo SH and Herbison AE: Unraveling arcuate nucleus kisspeptin neuronal projections in adult female mouse brain: A neuroanatomical tracing perspective

P2-53: Yilmaz B, Ayar A, Ozcan M, Alcin E, Sandal S, Kutlu S and Kelestimur H: Melatonin stimulates protein kinase C-mediated Ca2+ signaling in gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH)-secreting hypothalamic (GT1-7) neurons

P2-54: Yin CZ, Ishii H, Sakuma Y and Kato M: GABAA receptors in rat GnRH neurons are composed of a2, ß3, ?1-2, and e subunits

*P2-55: Zhou S, Holmes MM, Forger NG, Goldman BD, Lovern MB, Caraty A, Faulkes CG and Coen CW: Release from socially-induced reproductive suppression in eusocial naked mole-rats (Heterocephalus glaber) is marked by increased kisspeptin-immunoreactive cell bodies in the hypothalamic anteroventral periventricular nucleus

P2-56: Zuure WA, Mills KP, Quennell JA, Anderson GM and Roubos EW: The effect of leptin deficiency on hypothalamic GABAergic activity

Neuroendocrinology of Stress

P2-57: Laborie C, Molendi-Coste O, Breton C, Montel V, Vandenbulcke F, Grumolato L, Anouar Y and Vieau D: Adverse effects of maternal undernutrition on the programming of the HPA axis and the sympathoadrenal system in the adult male rat

P2-58: Lopez-Castroman J, Martinez Vigo M, Blasco-Fontecilla H, Legido-Gil T and Baca-Garcia E: Lack of association between testosterone and suicide behavior

P2-59: Malta MB, Sita LV, Silva JM, Bittencourt JC, Scavone C and Munhoz CD: Chronic unpredictable stress increases CRF2 mRNA expression in the lateral septal nucleus of the rat brain

*P2-60: Mayoral SR, Llarena NC, Omar G and Penn AA: Sex steroid effects on chronic, hypoxic brain injury in neonatal mice

P2-61: Minni AM, Helbling JC, Tridon C, Castanon N and Moisan MP: Effects of high-fat diet combined with chronic stress on vulnerability to develop despair-like behaviour in an altered hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis animal model

P2-62: Minni AM, Helbling JC, Marissal-Arvy N, Tridon C, Duittoz A, De Smedt-Peyrusse V and Moisan MP: Sexual dimorphism of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis and despair-like behavioural reactivities in transcortin-deficient mice

P2-63: Mohamed M, Moftah M and Sabry I: Possible counteracting of lithium chloride effect on the rat brain

P2-64: Mohamed M, Moftah Z and Sabry I: Vitamin C remediates the harmful side-effects of LiCl treatment on brain-associated endocrine glands

P2-65: Mollik MAH: Observations on the traditional phytotherapy for epilepsy among the inhabitants of the Kafrul area in Dhaka district, Bangladesh

P2-66: Movahedinia A and Savari A: An endocrine approach of osmoregulation in marine euryhaline teleosts

P2-67: Najimi M, Chigr F, Rachidi F, Trouslard J and Moyse E: Stress alters neurogenesis in rat brain DVC and induces psychological anorexia

P2-68: Neufeld-Cohen A, Chen A, Seckl J, Vale W and Jamieson P: Alterations in stress-related behaviors following generalised and site-specific over-expression of CRFR2 ligands in limbic structures

P2-69: Nishi M, Horii-Hayashi N, Kawata M and Shoji H: The relationship between early life adverse events and behavior and brain structure in adulthood

P2-70: Parker VJ and Douglas AJ: Hypothalamic mechanisms mediating inhibition of prolactin secretion following stress in early pregnancy

P2-71: Pierzchala-Koziec K: Stress modulation of ghrelin and opioids interaction in brain of growing animals

P2-72: Qian X, Droste SK, Lightman SL, Reul JM and Linthorst ACE: The importance of free corticosterone: Synchronised ultradian and stress patterns in blood, subcutaneous tissue and brain

P2-73: Rorato R, Antunes-Rodrigues J and Elias LLK: Endocannabinoid activity mediated by CB-1 modulates hypothalamic corticotrophin-releasing factor (CRF) neurons and brainstem tyrosine hydroxilase (TH) neurons during endotoxemia-induced anorexia

P2-74: Sattrai A and Mirzargar SS: Some endocrinologic impacts of electroanesthesia compared to chemical anesthesia

P2-75: Shahrokhi N: The role of melatonin MT2 receptor on the effects estrogen after TBI in rats

P2-76: Shibata M, Ueta Y and Suzuki H: The relationship between olfaction and stress responses in the rat brain

*P2-77: Sivukhina EV, Hoffmann LC, Jirikowski GF and Grinevich V: Adrenalectomy induces corticosteroid-binding globulin expression in magnocellular neurons of the rat hypothalamus

*P2-78: Spencer SJ and Andrews ZB: Ghrelin – a key modulator of behavioural and central responses to acute stress

P2-79: Spiga F, Waite E, Liu Y, Kershaw Y, Aguilera G and Lightman SL: Pulsatile exposure to ACTH is necessary for physiological adrenocortical activity

P2-80: Takahashi K, Hirose T, Hiraishi K, Kato I, Shoji I, Yamamoto H, Shibasaki A, Kaneko K, Mori N, Kohzuki M and Totsune K: Prorenin receptor in the human brain and pituitary, and its increased expression in the brain of spontaneous hypertensive rats

P2-81: Takayanagi Y, Maroot K and Onaka T: Effects of RFamide related peptides upon oxytocin release in rats

P2-82: Takayasu S, Iwasaki Y, Kageyama K and Suda T: Involvement of Orphan Receptors Nurr-1/Nur77 in Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone and Urocortin-Induced Expression of Tyrosinase-Related Protein Type 1 in human melanocytes

P2-83: Thomson D, Morris J and Christian H: Anti-allergic cromolyn drugs facilitate annexin 1 secretion from pituitary folliculo-stellate cells

P2-84: Trujillo V, Durando PE and Suárez MM: Effect of tianeptine in rats, on hipocampal GR expression, anxiety and hedonic behavior in a model of depression

P2-85: Uchida S, Kagitani F and Hotta H: Contribution of a-adrenoceptors in the autonomic regulation of ovarian estradiol secretion in rats

P2-86: Viveros MP, Llorente R, Llorente-Berzal A, Mateos B, Rodriguez N and López-Gallardo M: Effects of neonatal maternal deprivation and/or juvenile chronic unpredictable stress on corticosterone, leptin, testosterone and estrogen plasma levels of adult rats

P2-87: Walker C-D, Dasti E, Long H, Tremblay-Mercier J, Cunnane SC, Grajzer M and Di Marzo V: Maternal dietary fat determines the metabolic profile and endocannabinoid-mediated inhibition of the stress response in neonatal rat offspring

P2-88: Wallinga A, Qian X, Collins A, Linthorst ACE and Reul JM: The role of the sympathoadrenomedulary system in the regulation of circulating free glucocorticoid levels: An in vivo blood microdialysis study on adrenaline, noradrenaline and corticosterone

P2-89: Yang JF, Chen XQ, Jin H and Du JZ: CRF and CRF receptor 1 molecular clones, evolution, and responsiveness to hypoxia in Qinghai-Tibetan plateau mammals

P2-90: Zaky A and Bassiouny A: Oxidative stress induces alterations in metabolism with mitochondrial respiratory chain inhibition in the brain of cirrhotic rats

Growth Hormone, Metabolism and Obesity

P2-91: Koch C, Grant C, Morris A, Hoggards N, Tups A and Williams LM: Leptin challenge decreases insulin sensitivity in C57Bl/6J mice on a high-fat diet

P2-92: Langlet F, Bouret SG, Prévot V and Dehouck B: Fasting induces plasticity of the capillary plexus in the median eminence by increasing the surface area of blood/brain exchanges

P2-93: Luque RM, Córdoba-Chacón J, Gahete MD, Tena-Sempere M, Kineman RD and Castaño JP: Evidence for a direct, selective effect of kisspeptin on pituitary growth hormone and luteinizing hormone release in a primate model (Papio anubis)

P2-94: MacGregor D, Sabatier N and Leng G: Modelling spike firing patterns in the ventro-medial hypothalamus

P2-95: Mayeur S, Duparc T, Knauf C, Colom A, Delahaye F, Lukaszewski MA, Wattez JS, Breton C, Storme L, Valet P, Vieau D and Lesage J: Ontogeny of apelin and its receptor in the rat: Focus on the feto-placental unit and modulation by maternal perinatal undernutrition in growth-restricted male offspring

P2-96: Mear Y, Blanchard MP, Defilles C, Enjalbert A, Barlier A and Thirion S: The constitutive activity of the GHS-R (growth hormone secretagogue receptor) as a new target in the treatment of the acromegaly?

P2-97: Menzies JRW, Ludwig M and Leng G: Direct and indirect effects of cannabinoids on GABA release in the rat arcuate nucleus in vitro

P2-98: Merriam G, Yuen K, Bonert V, Dobs A, Garcia J, Kipnes M, Kletke M, Molitch M, Swerdloff R, Wang C, Cook D and Biller B: Use of the orally active ghrelin mimetic AEZS-130 as a simple test for the diagnosis of growth hormone (GH) deficiency (GHD) in adults (AGHD)

P2-99: Murphy M, Brameld JM and Ebling FJP: The effect of central thyroid hormone on torpor in the Siberian hamster (Phodopus sungorus)

P2-100: Osterstock G: Traumatic brain injury alters the growth hormone axis in mice

P2-101: Piccinetti CC, Migliarini B, Olivotto I, Coletti G, Amici A and Carnevali O: Evidences for melatonin regulation of brain circuitries controlling food intake in Danio rerio

P2-102: Romero A, Velasquez D, Nogueiras R and Diéguez C: Validation of immortalized rat HypoE-7 cell line as a model to study hypothalamic ghrelin signaling and/other hypothalamic pathways involved in food intake

P2-103: Ross AW, Russell L, Bell LM and Morgan PJ: Microarray analysis of hypothalamic gene expression in response to photoperiod in F344 rats

P2-104: Rovère C, Blondeau N, Rostène W, Guyon A, Cazareth J, Heurteaux C and Nahon JL: The chemokine CCL2 mediates inflammation-induced anorexia through its action on hypothalamic MCH neurons

P2-105: Salamat N: Seasonal changes of thyroid histomorphometerical structure and hormone production in Persian gulf yellowfin seabream (Acanthopagrus latus)

P2-106: Simon AP, Bariohay B, Mahaut S, Lebrun B, Tardivel C, Trouslard J, Bluet-Pajot MT, Epelbaum J and Moyse E: Down-regulation of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in the dorsal vagal complex during ghrelin-induced hyperphagia in adult rat

P2-107: Smyers M, Kasim N and Novak C: Activity amount and patterning varies with high fat diet

P2-108: Steculorum SM, Gibbons MB and Bouret SG: Disruption of ghrelin signaling during early postnatal development has enduring consequences on energy balance regulation

*P2-109: Steyn F, Leong J and Chen C: Cannabinoids, ghrelin and growth: Effects of THC stimulated appetite on ghrelin production and consequential effects on growth hormone regulation

P2-110: Tung YL, Ayuso E, Shan X, Bosch F, O'Rahilly S, Coll AP and Yeo GSH: Hypothalamic-specific manipulation of Fto, the ortholog of the human obesity gene FTO, affects food intake in rats

P2-111: Tups A, Koch C, Augustine RA, Steger J, Ganjam GK, Benzler J, Shepherd PR, Anderson GA and Grattan DR: Leptin protects against type-2 diabetes via sensitization of insulin action in the hypothalamus

*P2-112: Verbaeys I, Tolle V, Swennen Q, Buyse J, Zizzari P and Cokelaere M: Scheduled feeding induces adipogenesis: Implications of increased ghrelin levels

P2-113: Viltart O, MacIa L, Delacre M, Sachot C, Bouret SG and Wolowczuk I: Interleukin-7 and hypothalamic control of food intake

P2-114: Yoon S, Kim KS, Yoon YR, Lee HJ, Kim MS, Noh JS, Choi SY, Sun W and Baik JH: Role of Dopamine D2 Receptor in brain control of energy homeostasis

P2-115: You DJ, Park CR, Kim JE, Seong JY and Hwang JI: KEAP1 regulates NF-?B signaling through direct interaction with IKKß

P2-116: Zizzari P, Hassouna R, Longchamps Y, Epelbaum J and Tolle V: Feeding-anticipatory rise in acyl-ghrelin is blunted after long-term fasting in rats

Neuropeptides and peptidergic neurons

P2-117: Eberle AN: Mechanistic aspects of agouti protein - a-MSH competitive antagonism and inverse agonism at the melanocortin-1 receptor

P2-118: Kim D-K, Um HN, Hwang JI and Seong JY: Molecular evolution of multiple forms of kisspeptins and GPR54 receptors in vertebrates

P2-119: Kimura T, Shimatsu A, Arimura H, Mori H, Tokitou A, Fukudome M, Nakazaki M, Tagami T, Usui T and Tei C: Concordant and discordant adrenocorticotropin (ACTH) responses induced by growth hormone-releasing peptide-2 (GHRP-2), corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH), and insulin-induced hypoglycemia in patients with hypothalamo-pituitary disorders: Evidence for direct ACTH-releasing activity of GHRP-2

P2-120: Knobloch S, Hoffmann LC, Cetin AH, Khrulev S, Schwarz MK, Seeburg PH and Grinevich V: Monosynaptic connectivity between oxytocin neurons and the central amygdala, dissected by viral technique

P2-121: Kocan M, Van Der Westhuizen ET, Hossain MA, Wade JD and Summers RJ: Biased signalling by the relaxin family peptide receptor 3 (RXFP3) induced by relaxin family peptides

P2-122: Korf HW, Yasuo S and Geisslinger G: The hypophysial pars tuberalis sends signals via multiple pathways and messengers

P2-123: Kormos V, Markovics A, Sándor K, Szoke É, Tuka B, Tajti J, Botz B, Imreh A, Szolcsányi J, Gaszner B, Reglodi D and Helyes ZS: Role of Pituitary Adenylate Cyclase-Activating Polypeptide (PACAP) in the nitroglycerin-induced migraine model of the mouse

P2-124: Lafont AG, Liao BK, Tseng YC, Fouchereau-Peron M, Hwang PP and Dufour S: Differential occurrences and roles of CT/CGRP (calcitonin/calcitonin gene-related peptide) in molluscs and teleosts

P2-125: Lancien F, Mimassi N, Takei Y and Le Mével JC: Central actions of angiotensins on the ventilatory system in unanesthetized trout

P2-126: Le Mével JC, Lancien F, Mimassi N and Conlon JM: Ventilatory actions of centrally administered neuropeptides in trout

P2-127: Lecointre C, Morin F, Jarry M, Le Joncour V, Desrues L, Schouft MT, Lefebvre T, Langlois O, Proust F, Compère V, Gandolfo P and Castel H: Autocrine/paracrine effects of urotensin II in glioma development

P2-128: Lee LTO, Lau KW, Chu JYS and Chow BKC: Functional and structural interrelation of orexin and secretin in vertebrates

P2-129: Lesur O, Chagnon F, Roussy JF, Chouinard L and Gallo-Payet N: Endotoxin-induced acute hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis dysfunction: Impact of arginine-vasopressin (AVP) and apelin (APL) exogenous administrations

P2-130: Letourneau M, Doan DN, Dejda A, Bourgault S, Chatenet D and Fournier A: Pacap analogs with enhanced stability and receptor selectivity showing significant cell survival properties on a Parkinson's disease cell model

P2-131: Li JD, Hu WP and Zhou QY: Essential role of prokineticin 2 signaling in stress response

P2-132: Lomet D, Leprince J, Lefranc B, Sébert ME, Franceschini I, Beltramo M, Vaudry H and Caraty A: Molecular forms of Kisspeptin present in the sheep hypothalamus: A semi-quantitative study

*P2-133: Lopatina O and Higashida H: Breast milk and hypothalamic ADP-ribosyl cyclase regulate social behaviors and plasma oxytocin levels in infant mice

P2-134: Lucio-Oliveira F and Franci CR: Estrogen modulation on vasopressinergic system activity following food intake

P2-135: Manecka DL, Pierre A, Thouënnon E, Tanguy Y, Yon L, Lihrmann I and Anouar Y: Role of NF-?B signaling pathway in PACAP-induced neuroendocrine cell differentiation

P2-136: Marc Y, Li B, Bodineau L, Frugière A, Inguimbert N, Roques B and Llorens-Cortes C: Effects of acute oral administration of RB150, a central-acting aminopeptidase A inhibitor, on blood pressure: A new strategy for the treatment of hypertension

P2-137: Marcoli M, Bruzzone F, D'Amora M, Cervetto C, Mazzotta MC, Diaspro A, Bianchini P, Vallarino M, Leprince J, Vaudry H and Maura G: Presynaptic urotensin II receptors facilitate acetylcholine release in the mouse cervical spinal cord

P2-138: McKinley MJ, Burns P, Oldfield BJ and Weisinger RS: Identification of activated neurons that may influence vasopressin release and thirst in the brains of streptozotocin-treated rats

P2-139: Miñano J, Maldonado R and Tavares E: Macrophage inflammatory protein (MIP)-1ß plays a role in the regulation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis

P2-140: Miyahara C, Rorato R, Silva L, Antunes-Rodrigues J and Elias LLK: Effects of acute and chronic administration of rimonabant on hypothalamic mRNA expression of neuropeptides involved in the energy homeostasis

P2-141: Moon ES, Kim DK, Hwang JI and Seong JY: Classification of novel secreted peptides using bioinformatics tools

P2-142: Morishita Y: Posttranscriptional regulation of vasopressin mRNA in a mouse model for familial neurohypophysial diabetes insipidus

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