July 12, 2010


09:00   Plenary Lecture

             Lecture room Claude Monet

             PL-3:   Joseph G. Verbalis (Washington, USA)

Neuroendocrine involvement in disorders of fluid and electrolyte balance: homeostasis versus allostasis

                 Chair: Gareth Leng and Quentin Pittman


10:00   Coffee break


10:30   4 Symposia



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12:30   Lunch


13:30   General Assemblies


14:30   Mortyn Jones Lecture

                Sponsored by BSN

             Lecture room Claude Monet

             PL-4:   John F. Morris (Oxford, UK)

Folliculostellate cells and annexin A1: Subtle cogs in the machinery of glucocorticoid feedback

                 Chair: Fran Ebling and Mitsuhiro Kawata


15:30   Poster session and Cheese-and-Wine party


The poster size is: height, 120 cm ; width, 80 cm (portrait mode). Fixation: double-side tape.

Abstracts that are eligible for the Poster Prize selection are marked with an asterisk *­

Neuroendocrinology of Reproduction

P1-1: Agati L, Micheloto F and Pereira O: Could resistance exercise in neonatal androgenized rats affect body/organs development and bone resistance?

P1-2: Amin NA, Ali B, Ramaswamy S, Ciofi P, Gibbs RB and Plant TM: Neurons in the arcuate nucleus of the male rhesus monkey (Macaca Mulatta) co-express kisspeptin and neurokinin B and both peptides are upregulated by castration

P1-3: Amstalden M, Redmond JS, Baez-Sandoval GM, Spell KM, Spencer TE, Lents CA and Williams GL: Kiss1 gene expression in the arcuate nucleus increases during activation of pulsatile release of LH in maturing ewe lambs

P1-4: Augustine RA and Grattan DR: Quantification of leptin receptor mRNA in the hypothalamus of leptin-resistant pseudopregnant rats using laser microdissection and real-time qPCR

P1-5: Balthazart J, Corbisier De Méaultsart C, Ball GF and Cornil CA: Sexually differentiated activation of the neural circuits mediating appetitive and consummatory aspects of sexual behavior in Japanese quail

P1-6: Bellefontaine N, Hanchate NK, Leroy D, Colledge WH, D'Anglemont De Tassigny X and Prévot V: Morphological evidence for the interrelationship of kisspeptin and nitric oxide containing neurons in the GnRH neuronal network

P1-7: Ben Saïd S, Lomet D, Cognié J, Fabre-Nys C and Caraty A: GnRH and the control of estrous behavior in a prolific breed of sheep: the case of the Romanov ewe

P1-8: Boehm U and Mayer C: Targeted ablation of kisspeptin neurons in mice

P1-9: Brown RSE, Herbison AE and Grattan DR: Prolactin may regulate fertility during lactation by actions on kisspeptin and dopamine neurons in the AVPV

P1-10: Carmignac D, He Z, Strom M and Le Tissier P: Characterisation of the dynamics and control of pituitary prolactin production and secretion in virgin and lactating mice

P1-11: Carvalho-Freitas MIR, Palermo-Neto J, Maiorka PC and Felicio LF: Prolactin effects on macrophage activity of primigravid and multigravid rats

P1-12: Choe HK, Kim H-D, Son GH and Kim K: Ultradian rhythmicity of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) gene expression in organotypic primary GnRH neurons

P1-13: Chowdhury VS, Ubuka T, Bentley GE, Yamamoto K, Hattori A and Tsutsui K: Melatonin stimulates the expression and release of gonadotropin-inhibitory hormone by the avian hypothalamus

P1-14: Clarkson J, Mallinson S and Herbison AE: Estrogen induction of kisspeptin expression in the RP3V during postnatal development in the male mouse

P1-15: Constantin S, Yeo SH and Herbison AE: Development of a new brain explant to record GnRH neuron activity in the mouse

P1-16: D'Anglemont De Tassigny X, Ackroyd KJ, Chatzidaki EE and Colledge WH: Kisspeptin and NMDA signaling in the neuroendocrine mouse brain

P1-17: Dardente H, Hanon E, Lincoln G and Hazlerigg D: Contrary to dogma: A retrograde pituitary-hypothalamic relay drives seasonal biology

P1-18: DeCatanzaro D: Males' excreted estrogens alter uterine physiology, sexual development, and fertility in proximate female mice

P1-19: Del Bianco-Borges B and Franci CR: Tamoxifen blocks the leptin effect on LH and prolactin secretion but not changes ob-r in the pituitary and NOS in the MPOA

P1-20: Desroziers E, Kolasa E, Franceschini I, Caraty A, Vaudin P and Duittoz A: Regulation of GnRH-1 neurons by glial cells: An in vitro study

P1-21: Desroziers E, Mikkelsen J, Caraty A, Duittoz A and Franceschini I: Kisspeptin immunoreactivity during postnatal development in rat

P1-22: Dhungel S, Kondo Y and Sakuma Y: Convergence of olfactory signals regulating sexual preference on the preoptic area of male rats

P1-23: Downs JL and Wise PM: Diminished KISS1 during female reproductive aging

P1-24: Evans JJ, Wilkinson TM and Wall DJN: Modelling two sequential luteinising hormone pulses to GnRH in the absence and presence of oxytocin

P1-25: Evans NP, Robinson JE, Bellingham M, Branson EM, Erhard HW, Hastie PM, Ropstad E, Rose S, Solbakk AK, Vogele C, Wojniusz S and Haraldsen IH: Sex specific effects of GnRH on aspects of cognition and physiological function in sheep

P1-26: Ferraris N, Messina A, Cagnoni G, Derijck AAH, Adolf Y, Fasolo A, Pasterkamp RJ and Giacobini P: Semaphorin7A signalling in GnRH-1 system development

P1-27: Franceschini I, Desroziers E, Lomet D, Ottogali M, Duittoz A and Caraty A: A role for PSA-NCAM-dependant neuron-glia interactions in the control of GnRH neuron activity

P1-28: Gajewska A, Kochman K, Herman A and Wolinska-Witort E: Egr-1 and Pitx-1 gene expression in the anterior pituitary of female rat in vivo: Regulatory role of GnRH and estradiol

P1-29: Garrel G, Simon V, Thieulant ML, Cayla X, Garcia A, Counis R and Cohen-Tannoudji J: Sustained GnRH stimulation mobilizes the cAMP/PKA pathway to induce NOS I expression in rat pituitary cells in vitro and in vivo at proestrus: A role of cAMP signaling in decoding GnRH pulse frequency?

P1-30: Geller S, Mansuy V, Poulain P, Rey J-P, Giacomini M, Loyens A, Glauser M, Duittoz A, Pralong F and Prévot V: Astrocytes promote neuronal maturation in GnV-3 GnRH secreting cell line 

P1-31: Georgelin C and Duittoz A: Gonadotropin releasing hormone-1 neurons pulsatility: A spatio-temporal analysis of calcium signalling

P1-32: Giacobini P, Casoni F, Howell BW and Wray S: Reelin signaling regulates early events of GnRH-1 neuronal migration

P1-33: Goodman RL, Holaskova I, Nestor C, Hileman MN, Connors JM, Billings HJ, Valent M and Lehman MN: Evidence that dynorphin neurons in the arcuate nucleus mediate the negative feedback actions of progesterone in the ewe

P1-34: Griksiene R and Ruksenas O: Effects of hormonal contraceptives on verbal fluency and mental rotation

P1-35: Guérin M, Guillemot J, Elias S, Thouënnon E, Montéro-Hadjadje M, Cailleux A, Weber J, Fréger P, Kuhn JM, Anouar Y and Yon L: Evaluation of plasma EM66 levels in healthy volunteers: Application for the diagnosis of pituitary gonadotroph adenomas

P1-36: Guerriero KA, Keen KL and Terasawa E: Striking developmental changes in kisspeptin-Gpr54 signaling to GnRH neurons in female monkeys: Modification by estrogen feedback

P1-37: Hanchate NK, Giacobini P, Leroy D and Prévot V: Role of neuropilin1-sema3A interactions in development and function of GnRH neurons

P1-38: Hastie PM, Caraty A, Lomet D, Evans NP and Robinson JE: Effect of central administration of the somatostatin receptor agonist seglitide on LH secretion in the ewe

P1-39: Helena CV, McKee DM, Bertram R, Walker AM and Freeman ME: Prolactin central action is required for the induction of the rhythmic secretion of prolactin by peripheral oxytocin in ovariectomized rats

*P1-40: Herde MK, Geist K, Hyland BI, Campbell RE and Herbison AE: GnRH neurons project dendrites into the OVLT

P1-41: Hrabovszky E, Molnar CS, Keller E, Kallo I, Palkovits M and Liposits Z: Distribution of the gonadotropin-inhibiting hormone RF-amide related peptide-1 in the human hypothalamus. Connections to the portal vasculature and to gonadotropin-releasing hormone neurons

P1-42: Huijbregts L and De Roux N: KiSS1 is down-regulated by 17-ß-Estradiol in MDA MB 231 cells through a non classical mechanism and a loss of RNA polymerase II binding on the proximal promoter

P1-43: Intlekofer K and Petersen SL: Novel genes regulated by progesterone in the mouse anteroventral periventricular nucleus

P1-44: Israel JM, Poulain DA, Oliet SHR and Ciofi P: Sexual differentiation of the intrahypothalamic network governing oxytocin neurons bursting activity

P1-45: Ito H, Shimogawa Y and Yamanouchi K: Effects of serotonin-synthesis inhibitor, parachlorophenylalanine, on number of estrogen receptor a immunoreactive cells in gonadectomized female and male rats

P1-46: Jasoni C and Fiorini Z: Effects of Kisspeptin on neurite outgrowth from GnRH neurons in the embryonic mouse

P1-47: Joy KP and Singh V: Vasotocin stimulates in vitro follicular prostaglandin production during final maturation and ovulation in the catfish Heteropneustes fossilis

P1-48: Kanaya M and Yamanouchi K: Defeminizing and masculinizing effects of single injection with estrogen receptor a or ß agonist in neonatal female rats

P1-49: Kelestimur H, Ozcan M, Alcin E, Ayar A, Sandal S and Yilmaz B: Metastin 45-54 elicits biphasic cytosolic calcium responses in GT1-7 cells

P1-50: Keller M, Pawluski JL, Brock O, Douhard Q and Bakker J: The a-fetoprotein knock-out mouse model suggests that parental behavior is sexually differentiated under the influence of prenatal estradiol

P1-51: Khakpour SH: Effects of humulus lupulus l. extract on the hormones of hypophyseal-gonadal axis and its interaction with the opioidergic system in male mice

*P1-52: Kim GL, Dhillon SS and Belsham DD: Kisspeptin directly regulates NPY synthesis and secretion via the ERK1/2 and p38 MAPK signaling pathways in an NPY-secreting hypothalamic cell line

P1-53: Kinsey-Jones JS, Li XF, Lin YS, Knox AMI, Milligan SR, Lightman SL and O'Byrne KT: CRF administration into the hypothalamic medial preoptic area and arcuate nucleus suppresses pulsatile LH release in female rats

P1-54: Klenke U and Wray S: Adiponectin decreases GnRH-1 neuronal activity during early development

P1-55: Knickmeyer RC, Woolson S, Hamer RM, Konneker T, Sullivan P, Styner M, Gerig G and Gilmore JH: Effects of early testosterone exposure on neonatal brain structure as assessed by high resolution magnetic resonance imaging

P1-56: Koyama M, Sakuma Y and Kato M: Contacts of somatostatin neuronal fibers with GnRH neurons in the organum vasculosum of the lamina terminalis

P1-57: Larsen CM, Madhill S, Kokay IC and Grattan DR: Prolactin action is required for long-term retention of maternal responsiveness to pups

P1-58: Lee K, Duan W, Sneyd J and Herbison AE: Two slow calcium-activated afterhyperpolarization currents control burst firing dynamics in gonadotrophin-releasing hormone neurons

*P1-59: Miraoui H, Plummer L, Sidis Y, Mohammadi M and Pitteloud N: Fibroblast Growth Factor FGF17 (FGF17) is a novel locus for GnRH deficiency

*P1-60: Vuerinckx K and Huybrechts R: Feeding and starvation effects on the overall endocrinological regulation with special emphasis towards reproduction and circadian clock regulation

Neuroendocrinology of Stress

P1-61: Ajdžanovic V, Sošic-Jurjevic B, Filipovic B, Manojlovic-Stojanoski M, Trifunovic S, Ristic N and Miloševic V: Effects of daidzein on the immunopositive ACTH cells in the animal model of andropause

P1-62: Arvy N, Heliès JM, Tridon C and Mormède P: Functional variability in corticosteroid receptors is a major component of genetic vulnerability to fat deposition and its metabolic consequences in rat

P1-63: Aryal B, Jung G, Ji YH and Kim HG: Characterization of tetrahydrobiopterin and GTP-CH I expression in Parkinson's model rats induced by the selective degeneration of dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra

P1-64: Badiu C and Dobrescu R: Cognitive functions in Cushing's syndrome improves after normalisation of adrenal function

P1-65: Banerjee S, Arterbery A, Sharma S, Lee M and Adkins-Regan E: Long-term consequences of early-life maternal deprivation in a biparental species, the zebra finch: Corticosteroid receptor and Fos expression

P1-66: Baquedano E, García-Cáceres C, Calmarza-Font I, Lagunas N, García-Segura LM, Azcoitia I, Diz-Chaves Y, Chowen JA, Argente J and Frago LM: Prenatal stress induces changes in the basal cell turnover in the hippocampus-hypothalamus-pituitary axis in adult rats

P1-67: Basic D, Von Krogh K, Höglund E, Winberg S, Hillestad M, Krogdahl Å, Mayer I and Schjolden J: The effect of dietary L-tryptophan on feed intake, HPI-axis and monoaminergic activity in juvenile Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua)

P1-68: Breen KM and Mellon PL: LH-beta subunit gene expression is inhibited by stress levels of glucocorticoids in gonadotrope cells

*P1-69: Brunton PJ, Donadio MV and Russell JA: Over-riding early life programming of the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis in rats by neuroactive steroids

P1-70: Chichinadze K, Lazarashvili A and Chichinadze N: Neurobiology of aggression and a new classification of aggressive behavior

P1-71: Ciepielewski ZM, Stojek W, Glac W, Myslinska D, Tokarski J and Wrona D: Prolactin (PRL) and adrenocorticotropin (ACTH) response in three stress genotypes and relationship with natural killer cell cytotoxicity (NKCC) during repeated forced walking (FW) stress in pigs

P1-72: Culman J, Das G, Zhao Y and Itoi K: The role of brain tachykinin NK1/NK2 receptors in the activation of CRH-neurones in the paraventricular nucleus and the control of sympathoadrenal and pituitary-adrenal responses to pain stimuli

P1-73: Cunha WDS, Yamashita AS, Giampetro MV, Fernades A, Vaisberg MV, Savino W and Seelaender MCL: The moderate intensity exercise program restores thymic cell function in undernourished rats

P1-74: Dahlbom J, Lagman D and Winberg S: Neuroendocrine and behavioural correlates of social position in zebrafish (Danio rerio)

P1-75: Desarménien MG, Jourdan C, Iankova I and Guérineau NC: The contribution of gap junctions to excitation-secretion coupling in the mouse adrenal medulla studied using a new in vivo strategy

P1-76: Di S and Tasker JG: Glial control of synapse-specific actions of retrograde endocannabinoids in rat hypothalamic supraoptic nucleus

P1-77: Divya L, Akbarsha MA, Michael AM and Oommen OV: Thyroid hormone effects on amphibian metamorphosis: Regulation by neurotransmitter and ROS turnover in a tropical frog, Clinotarsus curtipes (Jerdon)

P1-78: Do Rego JC, Fialho Viana A, Costentin J, Bonnet JJ and Kuze Rates SM: Effects of acute or 3-day treatments of Hypericum caprifoliatum Cham & Schltdt (Guttiferae) extract or of two established antidepressants on basal and stress-induced increase in serum and brain corticosterone levels

P1-79: Douglas S, Knowles P and Bunn SJ: Nicotinic stimulation of catecholamine synthesis and tyrosine hydroxylase phosphorylation in deer adrenal medullary chromaffin cells

P1-80: Dutriez-Casteloot I, Pusniak B, Emmanuelli V, Le Roc'h A, Montaigne K, François H, Dickes-Coopman A, Deruelle P, Vieau D, Storme L and Houfflin-Debarge V: Short- and long-term consequences of neonatal pain on growth and corticotroph axis activity in rat

P1-81: Fétissov S, Hamze-Sinno M, Coquerel Q, Do Rego JC and Déchelotte P: Adaptive immune system in stress adaptation: Role of autoantibodies against stress-related peptide hormones

P1-82: Gaszner B, Kormos V, Reglodi D and Helyes ZS: Pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide deficient (PACAP-/-) mice display reduced c-Fos response to forced swim stress

P1-83: Ghaedi G, Yavari V, Falahatkar B and Salati AP: Effect of stress on cortisol content of rainbow trout embryo and larvae

P1-84: Goncharova ND: Age-related changes in the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA) in individuals with various type of adaptive behavior

P1-85: Gourcerol G, Larauche M, Tomofumi A, Brunhuber S, Pisegna J, Rivier J, Taché Y and Million M: CRF2 receptors prevent stress-induced activation of colonic motility and visceral pain in conscious mice

P1-86: Guérineau NC, Colomer C, Olivos-Oré LA, Vincent A, McIntosh MJ and Artalejo AR: Dominant contribution of alpha9-containing cholinergic nicotinic receptors in stress-induced functional plasticity in the rat adrenal medulla

P1-87: Guesdon V, Malpaux B, Delagrange P, Spedding M, Cornilleau F, Moussu C, Jouaneau N and Chaillou E: Is melatonin able to modify Fos-neuronal activation induced by the withdrawal of familiar conspecifics?

P1-88: Herbeck YE, Plyusnina IZ and Oskina IN: Is the methylation of the glucocorticoid receptor exon 17 promoter universal in rats?

P1-89: Herrero MJ, Besseau L, Fuentès M, Sauzet S, Peyric E, Rubio F and Falcón J: Melatonin modulates POMC expression in cultured pituitaries of European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax)

P1-90: Hucke E, Alvisi RD, Anselmo-Franci JA and Felicio LF: Effects of acute and restrained stress on prolactin secretion in nulliparous and primiparous rats

P1-91: Kalil B, Carvalho-Lima M and Anselmo-Franci JA: Sex differences in progesterone response to acute restraint stress

P1-92: Kalinina TS, Shishkina GT and Dygalo NN: Glucocorticoids induce tyrosine hydroxylase gene expression in the fetal rat brain

P1-93: Khaksari Haddad M, Sarkaki A, Soltani Z, Shahrokhi N, Nikpour M and Khaksari Haddad R: A role of inflammatory Cytokines in the neuroprotective effects of sex hormones after traumatic brain injury

P1-94: Khan UW, Øverli &, Berget I and Våge DI: Molecular mechanisms involved in stress response and pigmentation in different strains of rainbow trout (O. mykiss)

P1-95: Koutmani Y, Elkouris M, Remboutsika E and Karalis KP: Corticotropin-releasing factor induces proliferation and survival of neural stem/progenitor cells

*P1-96: Papargiris MM, Clarke IJ, Rivalland ETA, Pereira A and Tilbrook AJ: Stress does not affect gonadotrophin-inhibitory hormone (GnIH) mRNA and peptide levels in ovariectomised ewes

Growth Hormone, Metabolism and Obesity

P1-97: Anagnostis P, Efstathiadou Z, Adamidou F, Polyzos SA, Selalmatzidou D, Panagiotou A and Kita M: Retrospective study of acromegaly patients and the efficacy of treatment: A single center experience

P1-98: Azuma M, Tanaka M, Yumiko S, Uchiyama M, Takahashi A, Shioda S and Matsuda K: Effects of PACAP and MCH on somatolactin release from cultured goldfish pituitary cells

P1-99: Bake T, Duncan JS, Morgan DGA and Mercer JG: Effect of scheduled feeding on palatable diets without restriction on energy balance signalling in the rat

P1-100: Bruinstroop E, Pei L, Ackermans M, Fliers E and Kalsbeek A: Acute effect of hypothalamic neuropeptide Y on lipid metabolism in rats

P1-101: Cheung C, Kurrasch D, Liang J and Ingraham H: Distinct neonatal neuronal projections of the ventromedial hypothalamic nucleus using a novel neuronal tracer mouse

P1-102: Chowen JA, Díaz F, Llorente R, Argente J and Viveros M-P: Long-term effects of maternal deprivation on body weight and serum leptin levels

P1-103: Cisse O, Fajardy I, Dickes-Coopman A, Moitrot E, Besengez C, Rousseau J, Vieau D and Laborie C: Development of a new model for gestational diabetes in the rat: Implication on placental and fetal growth

P1-104: Clarke SD, Clarke IJ, Cowley MA and Henry BA: Testosterone but not a-melanocyte stimulating hormone (aMSH) modulates skeletal muscle temperature and glucose utilisation in male sheep

P1-105: Compère V, Lanfray D, Castel H, Morin F, Leprince J, Dureil B, Pelletier G, Vaudry H and Tonon MC: Acute food deprivation reduces expression of diazepam-binding inhibitor, the precursor of the anorexigenic octadecaneuropeptide ODN, in mouse glial cell

P1-106: Corander M, Rimmington D, Challis B, O'Rahilly S and Coll AP: No amelioration of the metabolic phenotype of POMC deficiency with additional AgRP deficiency

P1-107: Counsell JR, Richardson E, Bloom SR and Gardiner JV: The physiological role of thyroid hormone in the hypothalamic ventromedial nucleus

P1-108: Delahaye F, Lukaszewski MA, Wattez JS, Cisse O, Dutriez-Casteloot I, Laborie C, Lesage J, Breton C and Vieau D: Maternal perinatal undernutrition programs a "brown-like" phenotype of gonadal white fat in male rat at weaning

P1-109: Dimitrova-Shumkovska J, Veenman L, Leschiner S and Gavish M: Enhanced binding capacity of 18 kDa Translocator protein (TSPO) in platelets and erythrocytes of Apo E deficient mice

*P1-110: Fuente-Martín E, García-Cáceres C, Tena-Sempere M, Frago LM, Argente J and Chowen JA: Fasting and chronic exposure to ghrelin modulate glucose and glutamate transporter levels in the hypothalamus of adult male rats

P1-111: Ganjam GK, Koch C, Krüger M and Tups A: The effects of dietary polyphenols on insulin signaling and glucose homeostasis

P1-112: García-Cáceres C, Fuente-Martín E, Tena-Sempere M, Frago LM, Argente J and Chowen JA: Fasting and long-term exposure to elevated levels of ghrelin differentially modulate glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP) and synaptic protein levels in the hypothalamus of adult male rats

P1-113: Gibbons MB and Bouret SG: Spatiotemporal patterns of neuronal programmed cell death in the postnatal hypothalamus

P1-114: Grouselle D, Germain N, Galusca B, Frere C, Billard S, Epelbaum J and Estour B: Ghrelin and Obestatin but not PYY plasma levels differentiate bingeing/purging from restrictive Anorexia Nervosa patients

P1-115: Guillemot J, Lukaszewski MA, Delahaye F, Mayeur S, Montel V, Dickes-Coopman A, Laborie C, Lesage J, Breton C and Vieau D: Influence of prenatal undernutrition on the effects of clozapine and aripiprazole in the adult male rats: Relevance to a neurodevelopmental origin of schizophrenia?

P1-116: Harashima S, Seino Y and Inagai N: Purkinje cell protein 4 regulates neurite outgrowth and neurotransmitter release in PC12 cells

P1-117: Hassouna R, Zizzari P, Videau C, Bedjaoui N, Kwon Yang S, Gardette R, Badoer E, Epelbaum J and Tolle V: Ghrelin/obestatin interactions in the central control of growth hormone secretion and food intake

P1-118: Helfer G, Ross AW, McCaffery PJ and Morgan PJ: Retinoid signalling plays an important role in the photoperiodic control of the neuroendocrine hypothalamus

P1-119: Henry BA, Cowley MA, Clarke SD, Leury B and Clarke IJ: Direct effects of a-melanocyte stimulating hormone on energy expenditure in skeletal muscle

P1-120: Herwig A, Boelen A and Barrett P: Effects of chronic T3 release into the hypothalamus of Sprague Dawley rats

P1-121: Higuchi T, Mizuno A, Ichimaru T, Narita K and Murata T: Leptin resistance does not increase food intake

P1-122: Ishii Y, Gibbons MB and Bouret SG: Neurogenic actions of leptin in the adult hypothalamus

P1-123: Kawasaki Y, Iwasaki Y, Honjo S, Hamamoto Y, Ikeda H, Wada Y, Nomura K, Takahashi J and Koshiyama H: Serum IGF-1 concentration is correlated with insulin resistance in patients with acromegaly

Neuropeptides and peptidergic neurons

P1-124: Acher R, Chauvet J, Michel G and Rouillé Y: Structural hormone - Receptor coevolution in neurohypophysial systems

P1-125: Alponti RF, Nogueira MI and Silveira PF: Hypothalamic APN/CD13 and FOS in obese and fasting rats

P1-126: Alvear-Perez R, Iturrioz X, De Mota N, Franchet C, Guillier F, Le Jouan M, Gerbier R, Bonnet D, Dabire H, Berdeaux A, Galzi JL, Hibert M and Llorens-Cortes C: Identification and characterization of E339-3D6, the first nonpeptidic Apelin receptor agonist

P1-127: Aroua S, Andouche A, Martin M, Baratte S and Bonnaud L: FMRFamide expressing cells network(s) during the embryogenesis in the cuttlefish Sepia officinalis

P1-128: Aslam R, Laventie BJ, Prevost G, Keller D and Metz Boutigue MH: Chromogranin-derived peptides are released by neutrophils stimulated by Staphylococcal LukE/LukD

P1-129: Aslam R, Laventie BJ, Prevost G, Keller D, Strub JM, Haikel Y and Metz Boutigue MH: Chromogranins in innate immunity: Proteomic profile analysis of the proteins secreted by neutrophils in response to Staphylococcus aureus LukE/LukD leucotoxins

P1-130: Ayala C, Navarra Morero ML, Soaje M, Valdez SR, Carreño NB, Jahn GA and Celis ME: Changes in the content of neuropeptide glutamic acid isoleucine (NEI) in different brain areas secondary to the induction of hypo- and hyperthyroidism in adult male rats

P1-131: Banegas-Font I, Galanth C, Iturrioz X and Llorens-Cortes C: Apelin activates mitogen activated protein kinase in a beta-arrestin-dependent manner

P1-132: Bardou I, Maubert E, Leprince J, Plawinski L, Chichery R, Cocquerelle C, Launay S, Vivien D, Vaudry H and Agin V: Characterization, localization and functional implications of the oxytocin/vasopressin superfamily peptides in the cuttlefish, Sepia officinalis

P1-133: Beets I, Lindemans M, Janssen T and Schoofs L: Deorphanization of vertebrate-like neuropeptide receptors in the nematode C. elegans

P1-134: Bigot L, Dubos MP, Boudry P and Favrel P: Identification of G Protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) potentially involved in the control of the cycle of reproduction in the oyster Crassostrea gigas.

P1-135: Botia B, Jolivel V, Burel D, Le Joncour V, Roy V, Naassila M, Bénard M, Fournier A, Vaudry H and Vaudry D: Neuroprotective effects of PACAP against ethanol-induced toxicity in the developing rat cerebellum

P1-136: Brifault C, Gras M, Hilber P, Vaudry H, Vaudry D and Wurtz O: PACAP-expressing ES cell graft: A new way to promote functional recovery after brain stroke

P1-137: Canal MM, Smith L and Brooks E: Neuropeptide expression in the hypothalamus is altered by early postnatal light environment

P1-138: Caughey SD, Bishop VR, Pförtsch J, Neumann ID, Bosch OJ and Meddle SL: Maternal aggression: Links to brain oxytocin and vasopressin

P1-139: Chan P, Dejda A, Seaborn T, Coquet L, Jouenne T, Fournier A, Vaudry H and Vaudry D: Involvement of stathmin 1 in the neurotrophic effects of PACAP in PC12 cells

P1-140: Chaube R, Singh RK and Joy KP: Estrogen regulation of vasotocin secretion in catfish (Heteropneustes fossilis) may involve the catecholaminergic system

P1-141: Chou MY, Hung J, Wu LC and Hwang PP: Isotocin modulates ion regulation through regulating ionocytes differentiation and proliferation

P1-142: Chu JYS and Chow BKC: Reduced sodium appetite in water-deprived SCT-deficient mice

P1-143: Conductier G, Guyon A and Nahon JL: The electrical activity of melanin concentrating hormone-producing neurons in the lateral hypothalamus is modulated by dopamine

P1-144: Coquerel Q, Terashi M, Coëffier M, Déchelotte P and Fétissov S: Activation of vasopressin neurons during methotrexate-induced anorexia in rats

P1-145: Courel M, Soler-Jover A, Rodriguez-Flores JL, Mahata SK, Elias S, Montéro-Hadjadje M, Anouar Y, Giuly RJ, O'Connor DT and Taupenot L: The pro-hormone secretogranin II regulates dense-core secretory granule biogenesis in catecholaminergic cells

P1-146: Cravezic A, Fichna J, Gach K, Perlikowska R, Costentin J, Bonnet JJ, Janecka A and Do Rego JC: EMDB-1 and EMDB-2, two novel inhibitors of endomorphin-degrading enzymes, prolong the analgesic- and antidepressant-like effects of endomorphins

P1-147: D'Amato F, Cocco C, Noli B and Ferri GL: Novel VGF-derived peptides in homeostatic control: Blood and tissue changes of the amidated NERP peptide/s upon salt loading and dehydration

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