July 11, 2010


10:00   Registration


13:30   Opening Ceremony


14:00   Opening Lecture

             Lecture room Claude Monet

             PL-1:   Roger Guillemin (La Jolla, USA)

Neuroendocrinology: A short historical review

                 Chair: Peter Morgan and Hubert Vaudry


14:45   Oral Communications


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16:30   Geoffrey Harris Lecture

           Sponsored by INF and Elsevier

             Lecture room Claude Monet

             PL-2:   Iain J. Clarke (Clayton, Australia)

GnRH: One step back

                 Chair: Tony Plant and William Rostène


17:30   General Assembly of INF members

             Lecture room Claude Monet


18:15   Get-together party

             Lobby of the Law Faculty


19:45   Council Meetings of Constituent Societies


20:00   Lay-public Lecture

               Lecture room Halle aux Toiles (downtown, 100 m to the south of the Cathedral of Rouen)

From 19:00 onward Jacques Balthazart will dedicate his book « Biologie de l'homosexualité : On naît homosexuel, on ne choisit pas de l'être » (Mardaga)

Jacques Balthazart (Liège, Belgium)

Le cerveau a-t-il un sexe ? Biologie des différences sexuelles et de l’homosexualité


22:00   Les nuits impressionnistes (lights and show at the Cathedral and Fine Art Museum)